Long Term Care Insurance

Ep 081: The Single Person's Guide to Retirement

The single person's guide to retirement:
- Creating a strong and obvious path for those you leave behind
- Having a plan to distribute your assets and collections
- Protecting your assets from memory loss, or disability
- Setting the safety net for loved ones: Are your beneficiaries in place?
- The different faces of Long-Term Care Insurance: Is it right for you?
- Creative housing ideas, and the impact of changing income streams

Ep 004: Does Your Advisor Have Your Best Interests in Mind?

Listen as our hosts discuss the following topics:
- Getting your financial house in order during the various stages of life
- Protecting yourself from financial ruin: Does your advisor have your best interests in mind?
- John Hancock discontinues Long-term care insurance sales
- The last GDP report of 2016 and what it means for the economy