Ep 047: Riding the Wild Stock Market

Strategies to navigating the market:
- What is a Robo Advisor?
- Trade or Invest: Where to start
- Breathe through market volatility with a real financial plan
- Why it's important to focus on your own risk
- Cash flow, why is it relevant?
- Is your advisor a true fiduciary?

Ep 016: Understanding Reverse Mortgages

Listen as our hosts discuss the following topics:
- The importance of understanding how advisor fees are paid
- Expert insight on how reverse mortgages works
- What it means to be a "fiduciary"
- College planning…It's more than choosing a school!

Ep 004: Does Your Advisor Have Your Best Interests in Mind?

Listen as our hosts discuss the following topics:
- Getting your financial house in order during the various stages of life
- Protecting yourself from financial ruin: Does your advisor have your best interests in mind?
- John Hancock discontinues Long-term care insurance sales
- The last GDP report of 2016 and what it means for the economy

Ep 002: How to Set Financial Goals

Listen as our hosts discuss the following topics:
- What are the necessary steps to prepare for retirement?
- The different tools and resources available for managing your health insurance
- How do you know if your financial advisor is acting as a true fiduciary?
- The 5-point process you can use to create your financial goals for 2017