Ep 083: Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment
- Work with your doctor to evaluate your needs
- How to avoid high premiums for you and your spouse
- What is a Health Savings Account
- Life Insurance: Private or employer policy, which is better
- Health Insurance Plan: Where should you shop for coverage?
- HMO, PPO, EPO, POS Insurance: Weighing the variables
- Medicare Part D: What do you need and the best way to pay for medications
- Supplemental programs to cover your out of pocket expenses

Ep 041: Health Insurance and Medicare Tips

- Tax reform: The new rules, and their possible effect on your financial plan
- Holiday spending: Don’t fall prey to overspending!
- Health insurance strategies to better manage “Open Enrollment,” and the variety of health insurance options
- A 26th birthday brings a need for change: What should you look for in types of insurance, co-pays, and a plan to cover all health expenses?
- Should you choose a membership based insurance association rather than an agent?