Tax Planning

Ep 085: Tax Planning Tips for the End of 2018

Tax planning tips for the end of 2018
- Tax law changes and what you need to know
- Creative tax planning through charitable giving: The Donor Advised Fund
- Exercising your options in retirement planning: The Roth Conversion
- Tips to taking your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
- Did you receive a bonus this year?

Ep 078: RMD’s: The Benefits and Consequences to Early Planning

RMD’s: The benefits and consequences to early planning
- How much, and when should you withdrawal?
- Be aware: Penalties, taxes and deadlines
- RMD strategies while you’re still working
- Donating your distribution
- Spousal or non-spousal inheritance advice
- Annuities and the relationship to your traditional IRA and 401k

Ep 056: Are You Ready to Retire?

Retirement strategies for business owners:
- The importance of paying yourself first
- Scare tactics scammers uses to steal your tax return, and things the IRS will NEVER do
- Retirement planning tools to consider
- Are all your eggs in one basket?
- Does your business retire when you do?  The importance of a succession plan

Ep 054: Gathering Data for Your Financial Plan

Data gathering: The simple solution to good financial planning
- Catching key mistake before tax time
- De-clutter your life: What to save and how to store documents
- Managing deductible and non-deductible IRA contributions
- When to step back and re-consider your investment allocation
- Assessing your Social Security statement
- Considerations when rolling over your 401k or 403b to an IRA
- Consolidating your wallet and assessing your accounts

Ep 052: Taxes and Retirement

Taxes and Retirement: Build a plan around great timing:
- The various types of income you can expect to be taxed in retirement
- Which deductions will disappear when you retire?
- Choosing the magical age to stop working
- Be smart! Track your medical expenses to reduce your taxes
- When is it time to start taking Social Security benefits?
- Strategies to help you squeeze more from the tax law

Ep 038: End of Year Tax Planning

Don’t wait until the last minute to start tax planning:
- Get ready early for the upcoming holidays
- Withholding tips
- Managing a windfall, or job transitions
- Age 70½ ? …It’s time to form a strategy!
- 529 accounts; The gift that keeps on giving
- What does the new tax bill mean for you?
- The importance of building a relationship with a great professional
- Employee stock options: Tax treatments and other factors to consider

Ep 014: Debunking Myths About the New Healthcare Bill

Listen as hosts discuss the following topics:
- Why the recent jobs report is good news for Americans
- Debunking myths about the new healthcare bill
- Optimism in the President’s proposed tax bill
- How to improve your credit score and protect yourself from scammers

Ep 010: Learn From the Biggest Tax Mistakes of All Time

Listen as hosts discuss the following tax-related topics:
- Are you filing properly, and do you understand all of your deductions?
- How a Certified Financial Planner can help you make the most of tax planning.
- Learn about the biggest tax mistakes of all time, and how to avoid them!

Ep 003: How to Create Good Financial Habits at Any Age

Listen as our hosts discuss the following topics:
- Tips on tax planning
- Proposed elimination of estate taxes with the new Trump administration
- Understanding your Social Security benefits
- How to create good financial habits at any age