New Client Process

We follow a prescribed process for all new clients that includes two initial meetings, an implementation meeting to launch your financial plan, and finally, ongoing review meetings to update and modify your plan as needed.

first meeting

During the first meeting, the planner reviews the complete financial planning process with the client and returns any data that has been organized in the interim. The planner and client develop an investment plan, assemble a net worth summary, and review the retirement projection. The first meeting is typically two hours long and can be conducted in person or via web.

second meeting

The second meeting begins with a review of the client's questions that have developed since the close of the first meeting. Next, the planner and client will discuss insurance, dependent planning, and estate planning. Any business ownership interests that the client has will also be examined. By the end of the second meeting, all financial planning topics have been discussed in detail.


During the implementation meeting, the planner and client take the necessary steps to put the agreed upon wealth strategy into action. The client is guided through each decision that needs to be addressed, and the planner begins working with the client’s other advisors to implement those decisions. The meeting concludes by scheduling a quarterly follow-up review meeting.

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Continuous planning

Without a plan or a team of experts to support you, life used to weigh you down. Not anymore.


The key to building wealth is implementing the financial plan. At the conclusion of the third session, a quarterly meeting schedule is set and implementation begins. Our quarterly review meetings add detail to the implementation process and ensure continuous financial planning for the client. Each session allows for adjustments to be made to the financial plan based on changes to your life circumstances.

Agenda-setting for each quarterly review meeting is the joint responsibility of the client and the planner. For clients, the topics are provided electronically two weeks in advance of the meeting. For those clients who are not technology inclined, all materials within the Sestina approach can be mailed or faxed. The client then adds his or her own topics of discussion to the agenda outlined by the planner.


The yearly schedule for review meetings is as follows:

First Quarter – Goal Setting, Tax Planning, Retirement

Second Quarter – Dependents, Investments

Third Quarter – Insurance, Estate Planning

Fourth Quarter – Tax Planning, Direct Investments, Business Interests


The quarterly meetings become an excellent time to foster the inherent relationship that grows between a planner and client. Personal relationships can offer insight into the non-material aspects of a financial plan that are often the most important. Unlike other firms, we don’t want to know just enough to transact business. Instead, we want to know the real you–what’s important in life, what makes you get up in the morning, and who the people are you care about most.

Supported by the ongoing communication through all mediums – phone, email, mail, and fax – quarterly review meetings also serve as an excellent time to discuss updates that have occurred since the client’s last session. Our rigorous communication cycle ensures that the quarterly meetings are not the only time that a client’s financial plan is being supported and managed. Through our innovative process, we are able to provide clients with our chief product: peace of mind.