Levels of Service

John E. Sestina and Company provides financial planning and investment services to clients nationwide.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning program provides a comprehensive look at your financial plan, including topics such as debt reduction strategies, cash flow management, tax planning, investments, retirement planning, business planning, insurance, dependent planning, and estate planning. We also provide online document storage and access to customized financial software programs.

investment only

Through our investment advice only program, we will work with you to develop an asset allocation strategy that meets your goals and objectives based on your risk tolerance. We will provide continuous investment management, monitor your portfolio, and make adjustments to your portfolio as needed. As a fee-only firm, we do not sell any financial products or receive commissions of any kind.



Step-by-Step Process


Our financial planning team relies on a set of proven techniques that form the foundation of the approach we call “Managing to Be Wealthy®.” It’s a time-tested process that helps clients build a comprehensive financial plan, appropriately reflecting their unique personalities, lifestyles, goals, and objectives.


global support

Our platform allows us to build lasting relationships with clients across the country.

As a client, we know your time is valuable. That’s why we thoughtfully built our firm using the most innovative technology available. We regularly research, uncover, and implement new tools allowing us to better serve our clients. Every time we connect, you can rest assured that you're getting the most efficient and effective service possible.

A key differentiator at John E. Sestina and Company is our truly virtual office structure. Pioneered in 1999, John E. Sestina and Company is entirely paperless and supported by secure leading edge technology. Opposed to a mass of papers that may be lost, damaged and must be filed, all client information is maintained electronically. This provides for immediate access not only for our clients but also for our financial planners across the country.

Our paperless environment is further enabled by a truly virtual office – meaning that all processes and procedures are managed, maintained, and developed via technology. Our fully integrated system combines all client information as it is provided, and grants access to a full suite of financial analysis tools. This means that planners are able to thoroughly and securely manage client data and fully utilize the other Sestina team member contributions.

The virtual office at John E. Sestina and Company has allowed our firm to focus on global financial planning solutions and has enabled us to serve a worldwide base of clients. The increased focus on service has come at a reduced cost to our bottom line and without an increase in office space, staff, or time.