Ep 102: Understanding Life Insurance

Understanding Life Insurance
- Who is it really for and which policies are best?
- When insurance presents itself as an investment...
- The reality of “cash value," taxes, dividends, and commissions
- What are you protecting and how long do you need it?
- Get creative! How to layer your policies
- Beneficiaries: A critical piece of your insurance plan
- Use a pro! How to shop for the right blueprint

Ep 097: Reshape Your Money!

- Your net worth does not define you!
- Investing: One of many moving pieces of money management
- “Millennials” and “Henrys”: What is their impact?
- Social Security, debt, and foreign competition on jobs
- Effects of tax and regulatory services and policies on US businesses
- How will Social Security maintain itself for the next generation?

Ep 094: Interview with Interview with Lawrence Funderburke

Lawrence Funderburke has dedicated his life and career to helping people to reshape their values about money, creating programs for today’s underprivileged youth, and those interested in better understanding the psychology of their financial patterns. He and host, Stephen Lukan, visit the the “5 T’s”, and strategies to refining your habits through the concept of “values versus value proposition”, and the fundamental, primitive instincts we use to managing our income.

Ep 091: Are You Susceptible to Fraud and Elder Abuse?

Are You Susceptible to Fraud and Elder Abuse?
- Knowledge is power: Stay on top of your accounts!
- Studies show that relatives can be predators
- Resources to keep on hand when you need help
- Phone scammers: No more “Mr. Nice Guy”!
- Test messages and emails: Don’t click that link!
- “Skimming” alert: How to avoid it at the ATM
- US Postal Service: An alert for your incoming mail

Ep 085: Tax Planning Tips for the End of 2018

Tax planning tips for the end of 2018
- Tax law changes and what you need to know
- Creative tax planning through charitable giving: The Donor Advised Fund
- Exercising your options in retirement planning: The Roth Conversion
- Tips to taking your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
- Did you receive a bonus this year?