Managing to be Wealthy: 12-09-18

Insurance strategies for open enrollment
- Policy details: Are you focusing on the right things?
- Managing premium increases and policy changes
- Is there a better policy for you?
- What is "market place" insurance?
- How to qualify for coverage
- Health market versus government insurance options
- Does your plan cover pre-existing conditions?
- Medicare planning strategies

Ep 085: Tax Planning Tips for the End of 2018

Tax planning tips for the end of 2018
- Tax law changes and what you need to know
- Creative tax planning through charitable giving: The Donor Advised Fund
- Exercising your options in retirement planning: The Roth Conversion
- Tips to taking your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
- Did you receive a bonus this year?

Planner Interview: John Sestina on Market Volatility

You’ve likely noticed a resurgence in market volatility recently which -after nearly a decade of a steady market- may leave you feeling a bit surprised, uncertain, or overwhelmed.   We tackle this head on in the first installment of our Financial Planner Interview Series through a candid conversation with our founder, John Sestina, on how to manage not just your portfolio, but your emotions during periods of market volatility.

We invite you to listen to the interview to learn more about:

-       How to find emotional balance and peace of mind during volatile times.

-       Steps to take now, and ahead of time to better prepare for volatile markets.

-       The difference between investing and financial planning.

Ep 084: Savings Opportunities During Open Enrollment

Savings Opportunities During Open Enrollment
- Automatic enrollment: Investigate your employer plan
- How is your money invested in your 401k plan?
- Does your company automatically increase your contributions?
- Other ways to save: Learn about the different tools available
- Discipline, and the financial mistakes to avoid
- Employer life insurance: Understanding your policy and your needs
- Legal fees: Creative tools to pay for advice

Ep 083: Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment
- Work with your doctor to evaluate your needs
- How to avoid high premiums for you and your spouse
- What is a Health Savings Account
- Life Insurance: Private or employer policy, which is better
- Health Insurance Plan: Where should you shop for coverage?
- HMO, PPO, EPO, POS Insurance: Weighing the variables
- Medicare Part D: What do you need and the best way to pay for medications
- Supplemental programs to cover your out of pocket expenses

Ep 082: Your Holiday Financial Planning List, of DO’s and DON’T’S

Your holiday financial planning list, of DO’s and DON’T’S:
- DON’T fall prey to seasonal marketing
- DO evaluate each holiday: Plan ahead, and avoid impulse shopping
- DO research online versus retail shopping
- DO get creative: Rewards programs, coupons, Lay Away and apps
- DO pay yourself first…automatically
- DO take advantage of end-of-the season sales
- DON’T rack up credit card debt
- DON’T forget life events while you plan for holidays

Ep 081: The Single Person's Guide to Retirement

The single person's guide to retirement:
- Creating a strong and obvious path for those you leave behind
- Having a plan to distribute your assets and collections
- Protecting your assets from memory loss, or disability
- Setting the safety net for loved ones: Are your beneficiaries in place?
- The different faces of Long-Term Care Insurance: Is it right for you?
- Creative housing ideas, and the impact of changing income streams

Ep 080: What Does Financial Freedom Look Like for You?

What does financial freedom look like for you?
- On your radar: How much do you need, and how to get there
- Reviewing insurance and healthcare needs, taxes, and spousal health
- Staying employable while you’re living independently
- The affect your decision will have on your housing
- Required minimum distribution rules, and when to retire
- Understanding the relationship between your habits and your future

Ep 079: Tackling Your Financial Laundry List

Tackling Your Financial Laundry List
- Does being wealthy mean you don’t need a financial advisor?
- Efficient planning tools to get the best result
- So! You’ve saved enough!...Now what?
- Healthcare costs: stretching your dollar to manage efficiently
- Social Security savvy
- Cash reserve vs. cash flow: Know the difference
- Key things you should do BEFORE you retire
- Your Home: How to use it to your advantage

Ep 078: RMD’s: The Benefits and Consequences to Early Planning

RMD’s: The benefits and consequences to early planning
- How much, and when should you withdrawal?
- Be aware: Penalties, taxes and deadlines
- RMD strategies while you’re still working
- Donating your distribution
- Spousal or non-spousal inheritance advice
- Annuities and the relationship to your traditional IRA and 401k

Ep 077: Finding Financial Peace of Mind

Finding financial peace of mind:
- What can you do to prepare for the unexpected?
- What’s your legacy in family, health and business?
- Where’s your money going, and why?
- Save early and often, even if it’s a little bit!
- Understanding your tax return
- The significance of hiring a financial planning professional

Ep 075: Conquering Debt Before it Sabotages Your Financial Plan

Conquering debt before it sabotages your financial plan:

- The impact on retirement, education, home purchase and the other life events

- Using credit cards: The importance of vigilance and discipline

- Co-signing for loans: The relationship psychology involved, and liability to you

- Can debt be a good thing?

- Amortization: What is it, and why is it critical?

- Debt for investments: WHAT?

Ep 074: Do You Have a Succession Plan in Place for Your Business?

Do you have a succession plan in place for your business?
- What's keeping you from creating a financial plan?
- Strategies to ensure that your business income is recession proof
- Curve balls: What happens if you become disabled?
- Ready to sell? Steps to take to creating a legacy for your company
- Should you leave your beloved company to a family member?
- What legal documents do you need to ensure and protect you?

Ep 073: The Cost of Having Kids in School

The cost of having kids in school:
- Frugal wins! Price matching, coupons, planning ahead and on-line deals
- Realizing the perils of using credit cards
- Has your student chosen the right degree?
- Avoid impending debt by working through college, and take ownership of student loans
- The critical impact of creating a budget
- A penny saved, is a penny earned: No amount is too small


Ep 072: Understanding the Complexities of the Annuity

Understanding the complexities of the Annuity
- The difference between a contract and an investment
- What exactly is the salesman's focus?: Are you prepared to give up control of your money?
- Myths, tax strategies and hidden fees
- Understanding the different types of annuities and risks associated
- Did you forget about inflation?
- Will you run out of money?

Ep 071: Surviving a Divorce

Surviving a Divorce
- Assets aren’t the only challenge: talk to your advisor
- Where will you live?: The mechanics of setting up your new household
- Dividing the responsibility: healthcare, children, expenses and investments
- Your stuff is a marital asset until it’s final: The need for spousal permission
- Prepare! Evaluate your living expenses and gather documentation
- The perils of hiding, selling or retitling assets
- The relevance of refraining from large purchases, home upgrades and “guilt spending”
- Understand the impact of the new tax laws relative to alimony, residence, filing status and child tax credits

Ep 069: Building a Financial Plan After College

Building a financial plan right out of college:
- Evaluate your priorities: Stuff versus experiences
- Every little bit helps: Avoid the temptation that sabotages your savings
- FREE Money:  The importance of funding your 401k early!
- Manage your expectations with the help of a professional
- Stop chasing your “wants” and stay focused!
- Create a system to pay off your student loans and other debt
- Build your power: Build your confidence thru knowledge