Managing to be Wealthy: 11/12/17

Don’t wait until the last minute to start tax planning:
- Get ready early for the upcoming holidays
- Withholding tips
- Managing a windfall, or job transitions
- Age 70½ ? …It’s time to form a strategy!
- 529 accounts; The gift that keeps on giving
- What does the new tax bill mean for you?
- The importance of building a relationship with a great professional
- Employee stock options: Tax treatments and other factors to consider

Managing to be Wealthy: 10/15/17

The importance of good financial planning:
- Having the right estate documents doesn’t necessarily mean your wishes are clear
- Protect your estate from excessive taxes
- Life and relationships change: Review and update your documents often
- The impact of hiring a competent estate planning professional
- Surprises aren’t a good thing: Discuss your wishes, while you’re still around!
- Health Savings Accounts (HSAs): A valuable tool to pay medical expenses and save for retirement