Managing to be Wealthy: 10/14/18

What does financial freedom look like for you?
- On your radar: How much do you need, and how to get there
- Reviewing insurance and healthcare needs, taxes, and spousal health
- Staying employable while you’re living independently
- The affect your decision will have on your housing
- Required minimum distribution rules, and when to retire
- Understanding the relationship between your habits and your future

Managing to be Wealthy: 10/07/18

Tackling Your Financial Laundry List
- Does being wealth mean you don’t need a financial advisor?
- Efficient planning tools to get the best result
- So! You’ve saved enough!...Now what?
- Healthcare costs: stretching your dollar to manage efficiently
- Social Security savvy
- Cash reserve vs. cash flow: Know the difference
- Key things you should do BEFORE you retire
- Your Home: How to use it to your advantage

Ep 075: Conquering Debt Before it Sabotages Your Financial Plan

Conquering debt before it sabotages your financial plan:

- The impact on retirement, education, home purchase and the other life events

- Using credit cards: The importance of vigilance and discipline

- Co-signing for loans: The relationship psychology involved, and liability to you

- Can debt be a good thing?

- Amortization: What is it, and why is it critical?

- Debt for investments: WHAT?

Ep 074: Do You Have a Succession Plan in Place for Your Business?

Do you have a succession plan in place for your business?
- What's keeping you from creating a financial plan?
- Strategies to ensure that your business income is recession proof
- Curve balls: What happens if you become disabled?
- Ready to sell? Steps to take to creating a legacy for your company
- Should you leave your beloved company to a family member?
- What legal documents do you need to ensure and protect you?

Ep 073: The Cost of Having Kids in School

The cost of having kids in school:
- Frugal wins! Price matching, coupons, planning ahead and on-line deals
- Realizing the perils of using credit cards
- Has your student chosen the right degree?
- Avoid impending debt by working through college, and take ownership of student loans
- The critical impact of creating a budget
- A penny saved, is a penny earned: No amount is too small


Ep 072: Understanding the Complexities of the Annuity

Understanding the complexities of the Annuity
- The difference between a contract and an investment
- What exactly is the salesman's focus?: Are you prepared to give up control of your money?
- Myths, tax strategies and hidden fees
- Understanding the different types of annuities and risks associated
- Did you forget about inflation?
- Will you run out of money?

Ep 071: Surviving a Divorce

Surviving a Divorce
- Assets aren’t the only challenge: talk to your advisor
- Where will you live?: The mechanics of setting up your new household
- Dividing the responsibility: healthcare, children, expenses and investments
- Your stuff is a marital asset until it’s final: The need for spousal permission
- Prepare! Evaluate your living expenses and gather documentation
- The perils of hiding, selling or retitling assets
- The relevance of refraining from large purchases, home upgrades and “guilt spending”
- Understand the impact of the new tax laws relative to alimony, residence, filing status and child tax credits

Ep 069: Building a Financial Plan After College

Building a financial plan right out of college:
- Evaluate your priorities: Stuff versus experiences
- Every little bit helps: Avoid the temptation that sabotages your savings
- FREE Money:  The importance of funding your 401k early!
- Manage your expectations with the help of a professional
- Stop chasing your “wants” and stay focused!
- Create a system to pay off your student loans and other debt
- Build your power: Build your confidence thru knowledge

Ep 066: Financial Planning for Your Child

Helping your children learn about money:
- You are your child's best role model for managing money!
- How to involve your child in the shopping process
- The importance of investing at an early age
- How to teach philanthropy to your children
- Why your child should create a budget
- Don't forget to play money games and have fun, too!

Ep 065: Mid-Year Financial Plan Review

The power of a mid-year review of your financial plan:
- Tips to staying on track in an emergency
- What retirement plans does your employer offer, and are you contributing enough?
- The power of automation: Pay yourself first
- Tools and Techniques for business owners
- Insurance: Tips to recognizing questions you need to ask your agent

Ep 064: Strategies to Early Retirement

Strategies to early retirement:
- How will you spend your time, and what will it cost you?
- The importance of knowing your living expenses
- How to know if it’s manageable financially and physically
- Consider diversifying streams of income
- Let’s talk insurance: will your healthcare costs go up?
- The consequences to taking Social Security early

Ep 062: How to Research a Financial Advisor

Tips to researching an advisor’s specialty, their focus, and how they’re paid:
- Understanding the role of your professional
- How savvy is your advisor, to the many moving pieces of your financial plan?
- The impact good qualifications can have on a client!
- Attention to detail: Is your advisor on the front lines of industry changes?
- What motivates your advisor: How do you pay your fees?
- What are your needs: The path to finding the perfect fit!

Ep 061: The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate Planning: Providing a quality of life, while protecting your interests
- Probate Court: Title your accounts properly
- Who's who: Reviewing your beneficiaries and evaluating how your legacy is distributed
- Do you have trusted professionals in line to represent your interests?
- Providing support for your heirs in your absence
- Letter of Instruction: who will care for you if needed?