Financial Planners

Ep 079: Tackling Your Financial Laundry List

Tackling Your Financial Laundry List
- Does being wealthy mean you don’t need a financial advisor?
- Efficient planning tools to get the best result
- So! You’ve saved enough!...Now what?
- Healthcare costs: stretching your dollar to manage efficiently
- Social Security savvy
- Cash reserve vs. cash flow: Know the difference
- Key things you should do BEFORE you retire
- Your Home: How to use it to your advantage

Ep 077: Finding Financial Peace of Mind

Finding financial peace of mind:
- What can you do to prepare for the unexpected?
- What’s your legacy in family, health and business?
- Where’s your money going, and why?
- Save early and often, even if it’s a little bit!
- Understanding your tax return
- The significance of hiring a financial planning professional

Ep 072: Understanding the Complexities of the Annuity

Understanding the complexities of the Annuity
- The difference between a contract and an investment
- What exactly is the salesman's focus?: Are you prepared to give up control of your money?
- Myths, tax strategies and hidden fees
- Understanding the different types of annuities and risks associated
- Did you forget about inflation?
- Will you run out of money?

Ep 062: How to Research a Financial Advisor

Tips to researching an advisor’s specialty, their focus, and how they’re paid:
- Understanding the role of your professional
- How savvy is your advisor, to the many moving pieces of your financial plan?
- The impact good qualifications can have on a client!
- Attention to detail: Is your advisor on the front lines of industry changes?
- What motivates your advisor: How do you pay your fees?
- What are your needs: The path to finding the perfect fit!

Ep 058: Emotionally Driven Investments

Emotionally driven investments
- Collectible items: Will they fund your retirement?
- How far will your baseball card collection take you?
- Is your vacation home truly an investment? Key points to consider before you buy.
- The relevance of hiring a professional to help you dispel the myths behind “good deals.”
- Is your lifestyle in the way of your financial success?

Ep 047: Riding the Wild Stock Market

Strategies to navigating the market:
- What is a Robo Advisor?
- Trade or Invest: Where to start
- Breathe through market volatility with a real financial plan
- Why it's important to focus on your own risk
- Cash flow, why is it relevant?
- Is your advisor a true fiduciary?

Ep 016: Understanding Reverse Mortgages

Listen as our hosts discuss the following topics:
- The importance of understanding how advisor fees are paid
- Expert insight on how reverse mortgages works
- What it means to be a "fiduciary"
- College planning…It's more than choosing a school!

Ep 010: Learn From the Biggest Tax Mistakes of All Time

Listen as hosts discuss the following tax-related topics:
- Are you filing properly, and do you understand all of your deductions?
- How a Certified Financial Planner can help you make the most of tax planning.
- Learn about the biggest tax mistakes of all time, and how to avoid them!

Ep 007: The Post-election Effect on the Stock Market

Listen as our hosts discuss the following topics:
- The post-election effect on the stock market, tax law, and the repatriating of oversees dollars.
- The different ways that financial planners charge fees, and the real impact that it can have on your finances.
- Is your home a true investment? The reality of what it costs to own and maintain a home.

Ep 004: Does Your Advisor Have Your Best Interests in Mind?

Listen as our hosts discuss the following topics:
- Getting your financial house in order during the various stages of life
- Protecting yourself from financial ruin: Does your advisor have your best interests in mind?
- John Hancock discontinues Long-term care insurance sales
- The last GDP report of 2016 and what it means for the economy